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Friday, July 19, 2013

Tassel Without Hassle..101 Things to Ponder and Do!

My name is Tassel Chrystal Elaine Daley. I love to write.I have been writing from an early age.
In this life we will have trials and tribulations. Our economical status, race, religion, education,or nationality do not prevent us from experiencing these. My question is , "What do you do when hard times come?"

I am inspired to inspire you to effectuate change when hard times come your way and even before they arrive at your door steps.
Today it's my pleasure to introduce to you , Tassel Without Hassle.

Tassel Without Hassle..101 Thoughts to Ponder and Do is a self help motivational handbook that will help you to rise from your complacency and comfort zone to new heights of joy and achievement. It will stimulate your thinking by supplying you with provocative and uplifting  thoughts that will propel you to take action. This book is for you if you are ready for  a happier and healthier you!


101 Things to Ponder and Do!
#1 God made you for a purpose. Think about that.
#2 You are one of a kind. There is not another you.
#3 Be your best friend. Take the best care of You!
#4 Always replace negative thinking with positive thinking.
#5 Do something nice to yourself everyday.
#6 Cast all your cares on the Lord. He cares for you. (Simile. Relax.)
#7 Have a  "Do Nothing Day."
Purchase the book now and learn how thought ##26 helped an individual to manifest a Free Condo.
Thought #23 has helped many to receive unexpected gifts.
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