Tassel Daley

Monday, September 29, 2014

"Powerful Words my Father Told me From A-z,"

"Powerful Words my Father Told me From A-z," is a collection of popular verses, statement
s or sayings known as proverbs. Many of the proverbs mentioned in this book were gleaned from Holy Scriptures, African , Jamaican, as well as from English cultures. We highly recommend this book to all parents, grand parents, teachers, aunts and uncles.


Tassel Chrystal Elaine Daley was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She spent her formative years in Bath St.Thomas where she developed her love for natural as well as for spiritual water. During a dry season in her life she received a prompting to give water to the homeless. She has donated gallons of water to the homeless. She resided in the Cayman Island for several years where she worked in the minister as well as in the school system. She is an avid reader, a Poet, and an author of several published and  unpublished books. Her published book,"I Thirst' was penned as the result of her work with the homeless. She graduated from the prestigious Mico University College ,University of the West Indies,University of Miami, and Nova Southeastern University.
She is
the recipient of two outstanding awards , Extra Ordinary Peoples Awards, for  Advocate for the Poor(2015) and Extraordinary Charity Founder of the Year.(2016)


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